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CharityCoin mints coins to raise funds for Charities supported by celebrities. The funds raised by CharityCoin go to start-ups first, who in-turn support the celebrities chosen charities and continue to contribute to that charity.

It is the first sustainable charity, and it creates new jobs in start-ups at the same time.

For your donation, you will receive a gold or silver coin bearing the likeness of your favorite celebrity.

Now that is a good thing for you, for charities, for start-ups and for the world.

How cool is that?



Featured Concept Coins


Bill's Coin

Bill's coin is in support of his favourite charity

Will's Coin

Will's coin is in support of his favourite charity

Jim's Coin

Jim's coin aims to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital




Where we started

From the beginning, we had a vision, to change the charitable landscape forever through the power of enterprise, celebrities and the general public.

Our founder, Ric Johnson, created the very first charity coin by hand, and it is this drive and determination to create something new, and bring it into the world which has got
CharityCoin where it is today.

We have a host of designers at our disposal to create the coins. We have production and a PR mechanism in-place and geared to go.

All we need are celebrities to get involved in order to turn this idea of a self-sustaining charitable model into a commercial reality.