The Plan

BEAF submitted a proposal on the CharityCoin works, as well as a timeline to Ric Johnson. The proposal detailed how BEAF plan to create the brand, website and also increase the visibility of the CharityCoin brand. The Schedule detailed deliverables of each stage in order to fulfil the obligations to CharityCoin.

The Phases of the proposal included initially an Insight Strategy which assessed the landscape which the new venture would compete and operate within, a brand strategy, a celebrity strategy. The creation of brand would follow on from this Insight Research, and then the development of the website along with creation of all supporting collateral for use in approaching celebrities and their agents. The proposal also mentioned driving visibility through SEO as a long-tail approach.


The Proposal

Ric Johnson proposed that BEAF could assist him in launching one of his many projects in return for ownership of the domain. He sent BEAF a bucket list of domain names he currently holds under OpenDomain. One of the URL’s was BEAF said they would like to find out more about the purpose of Ric mentioned that the premise of CharityCoin was to create the world’s first platform to enable susutanable support for charities. The project sounded intriguing.

BEAF creates Innovative Products, Brands and Solutions that help people and makes their lives easier. CharityCoin is a perfect project.