Back in action!

After a few inevitable set-backs Charity Coin is back in action and raring to go. We’re now officially weeks away from Charity Coin’s launch. A few minor tweaks on the website designs and brochure designs and we’re all set. We’re finalising our first set of mock-up coins which will be publicly available on site from mid-next week. Watch this space.

It’s a date!

We have been back and forth with our client this month, trying to tie down a date when we can all get together and review progress on CharityCoin post Christmas.

We are really keen to show the Board our creative with regards to final logo versions, and also the creative collateral such as letterheads, business cards and brochures which should mean, once approved, we can start to target celebrities to put the wheels in motion so we can mint our first coin!

The website is progressing nicely and we are looking at back-end functionality plugins, which will enable people to back a coin, and pledge funds which will then be used for the good of the wider community in order to support charities.

Can’t wait for our next call with all the CharityCoin stakeholders!

Post-Christmas work begins!

Happy New Year!

So, we started to develop all packs and collateral that would be used to send out to organisations and agents about CharityCoin. The packs are made up of a booklet containing a page detailing what CharityCoin is, what the organisation does for celebrity-backed charities and what the organisation gets from the support of the general public.

We also designed some great looking corporate stationary, including business cards and headed paper, so the Founder and the Board can start approaching potential CharityCoin partners.

The designs for the packs look cool, but we are awaiting feedback from CharityCoin’s Founder and the Board. We were due to present the packs to the Founder and the Board, but the conference call got delayed :(, so we are looking forward to the call so we can get some feedback.

The logo has also been refined according to the feedback we received, so awaiting approval on that also, and the blog has been altered, so that it is more readable.


Got some awesome client feedback today! The CharityCoin website is looking ace. It has some great features, and great impact, which resonated with Ric. Just hope the CharityCoin Board also like the website and the logo too!

BEAF will be submitting some new logo designs and revisions to the CharityCoin Board, as well as some business card designs, which will enable Ric to begin to spread the word about

BEAF is so excited and pumped about the designs and working on finalizing the brand positioning, before implementing all the functionality into the back end of the site which will hopefully enable CharityCoins first coin to be produced (can’t wait for that moment).

Great client feedback is surely the best Christmas present anyone could ask for!



More Creative

A Saturday! Yuck, who likes working on a Saturday? Nik and Nik, founders of BEAF have been working on the designs submitted by the design team and refining them, so that a large body of work can be submitted to the CharityCoin board on the 27th of December. Should be a good day as BEAF are presenting logo’s, website and creative marketing brochures for CharityCoin.

We can’t wait to see what they think of all the work!

Concept Designs #2!

BEAF designers spent the day formulating and designing a range of Phase 2 concept logo designs for CharityCoin. Some we are happy with, but interestingly, the best seem to be plain text logo’s rather than any based on imagery and hidden semantics.

It will be interesting to see what the CharityCoin Board make of the new designs!

Concept Designs

BEAF sent Ric a number of concept designs for logo’s. Ric passed the designs around all of the stakeholders who did not like any of the concepts, so, back to the drawing board! BEAF began to develop another range concepts for approval by the CharityCoin board. BEAF also began the development of a first draft website. The website was filled with content, with very limited design.

By filling the website with content, BEAF were able to distil the salient points from all of the information provided by the stakeholders of CharityCoin, and begin to formulate all that information into concise messaging. This messaging would then be transposed onto a phase2 website, which would then be adorned with the creative.

Stumbling Blocks!

BEAF sent Ric an update to tell him that the brand research would be delivered in the coming week. BEAF update clients on a monthly basis, and this is something we had not discussed with Ric Johnson. Ric felt aggrieved that BEAF had not been in contact since the 22nd of November and decided to terminate the contract with BEAF.

After discussion with the client, BEAF and Ric decided to move forward in a more collaborative fashion, detailing weekly and fortnightly updates on the progress of CharityCoin. Phew! Onto branding.

The Research

BEAF submitted the landscape report, which detailed an analysis on the charities sector. The analysis featured heavily on the web presence of these charities, how they garner donations, the mechanics of PR, how their websites function across devices, how their customer base perceive and engage with them, how different demographics support charities and how CharityCoin can maximise this knowledge to produce not only a website, or a brand, but a brand that engages celebrities, the general public and start-ups all working toward a common goal.

This stage is often the most exhaustive and boring for any client. Research feels like an exercise in extending timelines for the purposes of monetary gain on behalf of the agency. Research however is imperative to delivering a successful campaign and product, for without it anything delivered is derivative of its contemporaries and it’s messaging will be lost on the target audience.

The next stage was to carry out an analysis of brand for CharityCoin, which was the next deliverable.

The Exchange

The founder of OpenDomain, (which is an organisation that gives domains away for free) Ric Johnson and BEAF are working together to develop an idea Ric had of creating a mechanism which would lead to the world’s first sustainable charity.

CharityCoin is a platform which enables celebrity-backed charities to mint custom coins featuring the faces of celebrities in exchange for funding. The funds raised are then invested in start-ups, who are then obligated to support a charity in the long-term. BEAF as an Innovation Agency has been brought on-board in a collaborative manner to create the brand, the creative and the marketing materials to increase awareness and visibility of this truly pioneering venture.

In return for the deliverables, Ric Johnson has kindly offered BEAF, the domain BEAF is looking forward to working with Ric and the wider CharityCoin team to bring Ric’s Idea to reality, and in-turn help start-ups, charities and people.