The Research

BEAF submitted the landscape report, which detailed an analysis on the charities sector. The analysis featured heavily on the web presence of these charities, how they garner donations, the mechanics of PR, how their websites function across devices, how their customer base perceive and engage with them, how different demographics support charities and how CharityCoin can maximise this knowledge to produce not only a website, or a brand, but a brand that engages celebrities, the general public and start-ups all working toward a common goal.

This stage is often the most exhaustive and boring for any client. Research feels like an exercise in extending timelines for the purposes of monetary gain on behalf of the agency. Research however is imperative to delivering a successful campaign and product, for without it anything delivered is derivative of its contemporaries and it’s messaging will be lost on the target audience.

The next stage was to carry out an analysis of brand for CharityCoin, which was the next deliverable.