The Exchange

The founder of OpenDomain, (which is an organisation that gives domains away for free) Ric Johnson and BEAF are working together to develop an idea Ric had of creating a mechanism which would lead to the world’s first sustainable charity.

CharityCoin is a platform which enables celebrity-backed charities to mint custom coins featuring the faces of celebrities in exchange for funding. The funds raised are then invested in start-ups, who are then obligated to support a charity in the long-term. BEAF as an Innovation Agency has been brought on-board in a collaborative manner to create the brand, the creative and the marketing materials to increase awareness and visibility of this truly pioneering venture.

In return for the deliverables, Ric Johnson has kindly offered BEAF, the domain BEAF is looking forward to working with Ric and the wider CharityCoin team to bring Ric’s Idea to reality, and in-turn help start-ups, charities and people.