Back in action!

After a few inevitable set-backs Charity Coin is back in action and raring to go. We’re now officially weeks away from Charity Coin’s launch. A few minor tweaks on the website designs and brochure designs and we’re all set. We’re finalising our first set of mock-up coins which will be publicly available on site from mid-next week. Watch this space.

Concept Designs #2!

BEAF designers spent the day formulating and designing a range of Phase 2 concept logo designs for CharityCoin. Some we are happy with, but interestingly, the best seem to be plain text logo’s rather than any based on imagery and hidden semantics.

It will be interesting to see what the CharityCoin Board make of the new designs!

Stumbling Blocks!

BEAF sent Ric an update to tell him that the brand research would be delivered in the coming week. BEAF update clients on a monthly basis, and this is something we had not discussed with Ric Johnson. Ric felt aggrieved that BEAF had not been in contact since the 22nd of November and decided to terminate the contract with BEAF.

After discussion with the client, BEAF and Ric decided to move forward in a more collaborative fashion, detailing weekly and fortnightly updates on the progress of CharityCoin. Phew! Onto branding.