A New Non-Profit

What is CharityCoin?

CharityCoin mints coins to raise funds for Charities supported by celebrities. The funds raised by CharityCoin go to start-ups first, who in-turn support the celebrities chosen charities and continue to contribute to that charity.

It is the first sustainable charity, and it creates new jobs in start-ups at the same time.

For your donation, you will receive a gold or silver coin bearing the likeness of your favorite celebrity.

Helping Charities and Startups

Why not check out some current charities and celebrities we are working with? Simply head on over to our Featured Coins page to start supporting right now, and get your own limited edition minted coin from your favorite celebrity!


Ric Johnson

Ric Johnson

Founder / CharityCoin

Hi there! My name is Ric Johnson. I am the founder of CharityCoin.org. CharityCoin supports celebrity-backed charities by providing funding to start-ups, who then provide continual donations and support to the celebrity-backed charity. It's the world's first sustainable charity.


Concept Coins

Check out some of our latest celebrity coins. By pledging for one of these coins, you are not only providing longterm support for charities, but also helping start-ups too. How cool is that?

Bill's Coin

Bill's coin is in support of his favourite charity

Will's Coin

Will's coin is in support of his favourite charity

Jim's Coin

Jim's coin aims to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Cream of the Crop

CharityCoin is working to support future businesses who in-turn support charities for the long-term.

Help us to support charities for the long-term.